Matthew Langille Pistachio Carrier

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Matthew is a New York-based artist. His work has been shown at galleries around the world and featured in numerous publications. He has made artwork for many global fashion + design houses including Marc Jacobs, Adidas and Swatch. 

Known for his signature, whimsical drawings and pattern work which is sold globally through his brand collaborations with the world's top brands and personalities and us!   


• Ergonomic, better for your baby, more comfortable for you.

Supports the natural posture of your baby while encouraging healthy hip development which means you never have to worry about if your baby’s developing neck, spine, pelvis, hips and legs are being supported correctly.

The wide shoulder straps spread the weight of your baby, making carrying more comfortable, without the need for thick padded straps which leave you with sweat patches.

• We only use OEKO-TEX 100 Certified fabrics

• Fully accredited by the International hip dysplasia institute, which means our carriers support healthy hip development from birth

• One year manufacturer's warranty 

• Full support to get you started

• Remains supportive with all the wears

Your baby won't bounce and the material won't sag with use

• Safety tested to the highest safety standards

European CEN/TR 16512-2015 and American ASTM F2907-15 Standards for baby carriers.

• Imagine having a wrap carrier that’s not thick and doesn’t have both you and your baby ‘hot and sweaty’

Super lightweight at less than half the weight of a cotton equivalent and 4 x more breathable, means you will hardly notice that you have it on. In winter you won't have to worry about your baby overheating.

Still can't choose? This blog post on choosing the right baby carrier might help you. 


" We know our carriers will be used time and time again, which is why we spent the longest time making sure they are the lightest, softest and most secure they can be for the comfiest space to rest and to wear. Our fabric is made by us, to our exact specifications, which we know will make babywearing for long periods comfortable. This means that you can meet your baby's needs for physical contact, affection, security, stimulation, and movement (all of which encourage neurological development) all the while enjoying the closeness and ultimate comfort. "


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Beautiful sling