Is it safe to wear my baby?

1. Parents who baby wear report their babies cry up to 43% less. 

2. It's really good for baby's cognitive development. Less time crying means more time spent exploring and interacting with their environment. Your baby is snuggly sitting on your chest, which also means they tend to get a lot more stimulation, hear more language and have the ability to see a lot more too. 

Is it safe to wear my baby?


3. It's supports their physical development (reduces the chances of flat head syndrome, supports healthy hip development and counts as tummy time in the early days!)

4. According to research it can reduce the risk of postnatal depression for the mum.

5. In the early days the womb like environment created by the soft, snug material helps your baby with the transition to the noisy world. It keeps your baby close so that they hear your comforting voice and can still hear your heart beat. The two things that are most familiar to your newborn.

Always check that whichever carrier you chose to use is accredited by the Hip Dysplasia Institute to ensure healthy hip development from birth and that it is tested in a laboratory and deemed fit for carrying babies.