Safest new born carrier fornessi


Wearing your baby in a wrap carrier is different from carrying them in an adjustable carrier. 

Every time you tie a Fornessi baby carrier on, it creates a custom fit for you and your baby's body shape, size and weight. From birth all the way up to 1 year, the wrap will create a custom fit with every tie.

Your comfort comes not only from the lightness of the fabric but also from the even weight distribution. The thinner the strap on your carrier, the more concentrated the weight of your baby will be on a single point on your shoulders. The wide straps of the wrap distribute the weight evenly, eliminating pressure points and minimising the pressure on your back. 

Babies comfort comes from the proper support they get from the wrap with every tie as they grow. With no fiddly adjustments, the Fornessi baby carrier will remain ergonomic as your baby grows. Our carriers have been certified by the Hip Dysplasia Institute and will promote healthily hip growth from birth. 

Unlike other carriers, the Fornessi baby carrier provides head support for your newborn. It's essential to help your baby keep their chin off their chest, especially in the early weeks and months. You can use the straps to gently tuck your babies head in. That way, your baby's airways will always stay clear and unobstructed.

We test, test and test again to make sure that our wraps are safe and comfortable to wear. Our baby carriers have been thoroughly tested and comply with the European CEN/TR 16512-2015 and American ASTM F2907-15 Standards for baby carriers.



The softness of the fabric and environmental sustainability are the overriding principles of our baby carriers. We use modal fibre which is made from the finest beech tree fibres. The pulp from trees is turned into material using an award-winning, non-toxic, environmentally friendly technology developed by Lenzing. Modal is four times more breathable than cotton, soft as silk and incredibly strong. Easy to care for, it is washing machine and tumble dryer safe and more pile resistant.



The thing about our baby carriers is that they are designed to be no nuisance. Beyond using our lightweight modal fabric, we use only as much material as is really needed. Your wrap will sit neatly at the bottom of your change bag, and you will hardly notice it is there. You can have it to hand whenever it's needed.

You can also wear it under coats and cardigans when you go out or drive and have it ready for whenever your baby might want to go in it. 



The wrap baby carrier holds your baby close to your body, so that not only can your baby smell you, but they can also hear your heartbeat. As well as feel you touching them, as you go about your day and hear your voice as you talk. 


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