Printing instructional booklets puts a heavy strain on the environment. For that reason we chose to send the instructions over to you electronically. Please check your order confirmation e-mail. There you will find a link to download your instructions.

You can also download your instructions here.

Or watch our tutorials here.

If you find that your baby doesn't feel secure and tight in the wrap you need to take your baby out and retighten. Re-tie the wrap, making sure that the middle section and the straps across your shoulders are taut

The Fornessi wrap has been tested and can comfortably support the weight of up to 15kg providing very good support for your growing baby.

If you feel your baby is sliding down, this is because the wrap has been put on too loosely. 

How to fix it:

1. After crossing the straps at the back pass them over your shoulders and drop them under the section with the label.

2. Now, give each strap a firm pull down. 

3. Cross the straps at the front and tighten. This is where you control how tight you want your baby to be.

The tighter you pull at the cross the tighter and more secure your baby will feel. 

4.  Tie the remaining fabric around your waist and finish off with a double knot. 

You can watch how to retighten the wrap here .

No. This isn't good for you or the baby. You want them securely snuggled close to you. Front facing positions put undue stress on your baby's developing hips.

Most certainly! The wrap is designed so that your baby can feel safe and secure in their new environment, listen to your heartbeat and get to know your smell. It is also ideal for skin to skin time with your new born. As with every carrier, make sure that you carefully follow the instructional steps and the safety steps and remember never to cover your baby's face! 

Our baby wraps are designed for babies from birth to a year. 

For regular washes please wash on a 30° cycle, however if your wrap has heavier staining it can be occasionally washed on a 40° cycle. You can tumble dry your wrap.

We only recommend the safest and most ergonomic positioning in the wrap, both for you and your baby. While there are other possible ways to carry your baby we strongly recommend that you only follow the instructions provided with your wrap. Carrying your baby in other positions might increase the risk of injury.