How do I tie the baby wrap?

We have an instructional video. Just click on the tutorial link in the top menu and follow the steps!

The wrap feels loose

(Thank you to one of the amazing mama's for this question)

If you find that your baby doesn't feel secure and tight in the Carry Me wrap you need to retighten. Take you baby out and re-tie the wrap, making sure that the middle section and the straps across you shoulders are taut. If you are used to less stretchy cotton/bamboo wraps you might be in the habit of leaving space with the fabric for your baby. This is unnecessary with the Carry Me wraps, as the give comes from fabric itself.
For new born and little babies start by placing the middle section high on your chest. 

Can I sit my baby facing the front?

No. This isn't good for you or the baby. You want them securely snuggled close to you. When your baby is able to hold their head up independently they will be able to look around and explore the world around them, without having to face the front.

 Is the baby wrap safe for my newborn baby?

Most certainly! The Carry Me baby wrap is designed so that your baby can feel safe and secure in their new environment, listen to your heartbeat and get to know your smell. It is also ideal for skin to skin time with your newborn. As with every carrier, make sure that you carefully follow the instructional steps and the safety steps and remember never to cover your baby's face! 

How long can I carry my baby in the baby wrap?

Our baby wraps are designed for babies from birth to a year. 

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