Fornessi Chats with Laura (aka @we.made.this.home)

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Carry Me in Black Forest Gateau 

Time flies by, especially when little ones are around. In the hustle and bustle of everyday it is sometimes hard to step back, to take a moment and enjoy it. When we came across Laura, a mother of two little boys, Arthur 2 and Rupert 2 months, we fell in love with the way she captures the joyful moments amongst the ordinary everyday. Her pictures are almost therapeutically beautiful (her Instagram posts are something to look forward to). 

Laura is a lifestyle blogger. We Made This Home is a journal about making a home and striving to live a meaningful life. She writes about her journey as a mother and a homemaker and about those special little moments that are sometimes so easy to miss. 

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5 Things We Want to Know 

Some of the things EVERY mama should have (aside from a good baby wrap...) are:

A good supporting network of friends and family. I joined a breastfeeding group at our local clinic where I have made some lovely new mum friends, it’s a great place to go and socialise, to have adult conversations and get advice (not just with feeding but any aspect of motherhood).

A roomy bag that makes you feel good. I am loving my Wolfie and Willow leather tote bag, it looks great and is big enough for all the things I might need whilst out and about for the day with two little people.

A pot of good coffee. 

We all struggle with dinner ideas, especially when a little one is around. What is your best quick-throw-together meal....

We love paprika chicken with rice and veggies here, its one of Annabel Karmel’s recipes. I make enough to last two meal times, meaning I only have to heat it up on the second day which is perfect if we have had a busy day. 

One parenting made easy tip 

Getting out into the fresh air in the morning, whether that be pottering in the garden or going out for an adventure and picnic. Not only does this give little ones the time where they get your full attention, but a good dose of fresh air and a run around makes for a good nap and some valuable time to yourself (fingers crossed).  

Carry Me by Fornessi the best baby carrier sling UK British


Most embarrassing mama moment you had?  

Oh gosh that would have to be a nappy changing accident at a friends house when I realised we only had one wipe left and lots of poop to deal with plus one very cross baby :) luckily my friend came to the rescue with a pack of wipes.

Whats your personal style?

I love relaxed linen tops and jeans. I have found loose layers and vest tops makes breastfeeding discreet and easy. I also love my Victoria Plimsoles which are so comfortable and great for running after toddlers. 


Carry Me by fornessi best baby carrier baby wrap sling eco wrap

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  • Angelika

    Tired and tested! We have been getting out in the morning with our kiddos since Laura send us these tips. It makes such difference letting them to burn off the energy. The day seems just a little calmer :)

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