Latch: How to improve it and make breast-feeding work for you and your baby.

Latch: How to improve it and make breast-feeding work for you and your baby.

Breastfeeding IS HARD. I still can't understand why. I am now a mama to two girls. First time round I was completely overwhelmed by the experience of motherhood and the things that came.  Oh my, the feeling of responsibility can be scary.

Within a few days I felt that I got the rhythm and the the feeling of worry and unease went away and instead came the feeling of joy and excitement. But... no matter how much I tried to breastfeed my little baby, it just wasn't happening for us. We were told that her latch (oh the dreaded word) was fine, but it was still, so painful. It continued to get worse and worse and the reassurance of "it will get better" and "it always hurts a little" just did not work for us. I ended up expressing for the following 4 months and then switching to formula thereafter.

Second time round I was not going to leave this 'latch' situation in anyone else's hands. Because, while I never doubted the midwifes advice, it is one thing to 'know' what to do and another to 'teach' it to a new mum. Second time round I did all my research. I was prepared and ready and it worked! So here are the 3 articles / videos I found incredibly useful. 

Fornessi Carry Me wrap best baby carrier baby sling baby wrap

Here is Sisi feeding in a wrap at 7 months, during our Fornessi shoot.

The information in these videos is graphic.



The International Breastfeeding Centre has videos of different good/ bad latches and corrections and Charlotte Young has written this amazing article

And here is what to expect, timeline of a breastfed baby.

Have you managed to breastfeed with ease or did you find it hard? Have you got any tips? Have you ever breastfed in a wrap? Please share! 

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  • Naomi

    My baby girl is 2 months old today…and im still breastfeeding. But my word what a hard journey it has been so far! It is only just getting easier. Shallow latch is awful…and how many times have i said and heard ‘latch’ lol. My nipples were destroyed, one will never be the same….and mastitis?! Ouch.
    For something so natural it is so hard to get right, and comfortable. This video you have shared is so informative, every BF mother to be should watch it ! X

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