Fornessi Chats with Sally Fazeli

Fornessi Chats with Sally Fazeli


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In this instalment, Fornessi Chats to Sally Fazeli a British blogger and a mama to 2 utterly scrumptious boys Hugo (nearly 3) and Remy (5 months). You have probably seen her in our favourite baby magazines. She has featured in many from Baby London to Gurgle, because this mama has got style. Plenty of it.
Sally is a British lifestyle blogger and a super mama. There is a lot to be said for her effortless way of putting ultra hip outfits together (to steal some ideas  look here). Her blog is a documentation of her life with her gorgeous family, where she talks about being a parent and family dynamics, beauty, travel and fashion. Not to mention her Instagram; a seriously dreamy collage of her journey through parenthood. 

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5 things we want to know

3 things every new mum should have  (aside from a good wrap) are …?

BBhugme pillow. They are amazing when pregnant and even more fab when you’ve had the baby. It acts as a support around your back and arms when feeding and when you tie the ends together your baby can rest happily in the middle of it too! Remy loves sitting in it so he can see me wandering around the room - he literally never takes his eyes off me, bless him. 

COFFEE, I can’t tell you how much I look forward to that first Nespresso coffee in the morning, it sets me right up for the day!

A good under-eye concealer to hide our designer mum bags. Works wonders and basically gives you the look of having a full eight hours sleep when you’ve had a disjointed four instead.

We all struggle with dinner ideas, especially when a little one is around. What is your best quick-throw-together meal? 

Pasta, tuna and sweetcorn with mayo and a sprinkle of cheese on top - it’s the quickest meal you can make. Only need one pan, so minimal cleaning up, and it’s Hugo’s favourite meal (and secretly it’s still one of mine too). I used to have it as a child and always loved it then.

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One parenting-made-easier tip please ( we all cut corners somewhere)! 

Children-friendly apps on your phone - these come in SO handy when you have a very overtired and troublesome toddler and you’re trying to enjoy a meal out or generally in a public space. There’s lots of educational apps as well as the obvious failsafe option of whacking Peppa Pig on Amazon Prime or YouTube.

What is the most embarrassing mama moment you had? 

Going out for the day in my slippers and only realising when we got to our destination so just had to roll with it - total mum brain! Oh and when we did Hugo’s newborn shoot, we’d eaten a lovely Persian meal the day before packed with herbs and spices which obviously fed through to Hugo and boy did he poop! It was one of those naked newborn shoots too and we kept having to cup our hands to hold the poop and run to the sink haha. Good job we were in the comfort of our own home with just the photographer there.

What is your personal style, what are you wearing right now? 

Right now I’m wearing PJs which I always put on when I’m getting the kids ready for bed too. The rest of the time I’m really into ripped blue high waist jeans (to hide the mum tum) with cute colourful blouses as they’re easy to hitch up for breastfeeding.


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    Beautiful interview as always Angelika! Love Sally xox

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