Fornessi Chats with Jade Arif (aka @the_motherofall_adventures)

Fornessi Chats with Jade Arif (aka @the_motherofall_adventures)


Carry Me in Piglet Pink

Jade Arif the new face of our A/W '17 collection

... and a mama I had the pleasure of getting to know very well.  The idea behind Fornessi Chats was to give you a glimpse of what the blogging mamas get up to behinds the scenes. The thing about Jade is- you probably already know. She has a 'no-bull' approach to life and will always tell you how it is. It really is something to be admired. 

She talks bravely about post natal depression and cares deeply about the wellbeing of mental health as a mum (something that in all honesty does not get talked about enough). If you would like to read a little more about it head over to her blog.

Jade is a mama to 4 amazing children (Theo 10, Mellie 3, Raulf 2 and Eidee 6 months). Can you judge a parent by how their children are? How they behave and interact with others? I don't know. But if the answer to that question is 'yes' then Jade has also got her parenting style all worked out. I was genuinely taken aback by the care and love Theo (her eldest) has for his siblings. It is not an easy thing to do (as any parent will know) to encourage siblings to 'get on' and care for one another. Despite the age gap her 'babies' play beautifully together. What's her secret? Let's find out.

Any tips for encouraging good sibling relationships?

Having 4 children is a blessing even at the toughest times. I'm so lucky that the children play so well together, even with Theo being 6 years older than mellie, the bond is amazingly strong and clear to see. I try to encourage games because often Theo can be the "ring master" and that works really well. It gives him responsibility and encourages good relationships. He gives the littles fun things to do and they just love that. Just the other day in the garden he got Raulf and Mellie to collect leaves and twigs to build birds nests. They loved it.
Theo is naturally a very caring little boy with a huge heart. He loves to teach others and help them become happy. It just how he is. A beautiful soul. An old soul. 

3 things every new mum should have

The tree things that I swear by (apart from a good wrap) are:

A well packed changing bag. I'm talking nappies, wipes, hand sanitiser, snacks, juice, books and toys. A good cook book specialising in easy cook kids meals! I struggle to get Mellie to eat so a good thing for us a recipe book. And patience (god we all need that)!! I like to think I'm a patient mother and really do think it helps and those vibes transfer to your children.

Easy quick-throw-together meal? 

So this rolls of nicely from my 'must haves'!! If I'm in a rush or running late or maybe the kids are grump and tiered I always turn to a mezi. My hubby is Cypriot so we eat this way a lot when at his mums, we plate up salami, chorizo, cheese, rices, breads and dips. We share the food and the kids love picking their food and putting to their own plate. It's a fun (quick) idea.

Follow Jade's adventures as she prepares for the move to Australia

Parent hack?

Top tip for bath times is to put all the babies in the tub together, it's maybe not easier but is definitely fun and they all get washed up and squeaky clean together. 

Most embarrassing mama moment? 

Well that's not actually happened to me recently! Maybe I'm due an embarrassing moment? The one occasion that has stuck in my memory is a time a while ago, with Theo. He was about 3. I was in a shop and said: "Come Theo. Let's go!". He was walking and I was pushing his pram. He wouldn't follow so I had to pick him up. As I picked Theo up he screamed: "Help me! Your not my mummy!". I instantly stopped, looked about, went bright red and giggled as I left the shop. Kids, hey!

What is your personal style, what are you wearing right now?

So my style is definitely casual, I love simple things and I love comfort. I tend to stick to a few key pieces that I just had up with different tops and shoes. I absolutely adore my oversized denim jacket! I wear mostly black, but I do love the odd pop of colour. Right now I'm in my pjs tho.

How to find this mama

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