5 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Baby

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Baby

You will often hear parents say: "Get all your travelling done now. When your baby is here it will be impossible." The simple reason is, there is a tiny, little person to take care of. Of course it requires a little more planning and preparation, but it's far from impossible to enjoy an amazing family holiday with a baby. 

Here are 5 resons why you SHOULD DO IT: 

1. Flying, they are FREE! Well not quite, but generally only cost 10% of the adult price. This will probably be one of the last few times where you can enjoy not paying the flight fare for an additional person (most airlines allow you baby to fly for "free" up to 2 years). You won't get a seat for them, but they do get a luggage allowance and a pushchair or carseat (sometimes both). When you book remember to request a bulkhead seat to take advantage of the sky cot, this way you really do get a free seat.

2. It will give you time for your relationship. No, not just the long haul flight time sharing your seat with your baby. Having a baby can be stressful, take yourself out of the daily grind.  

3. Unlike holidays with older kids, babies are generally happy to do whatever. This means that standard baby duties aside it's still your holiday. Just remember a comfortable pram that you can set next to your restaurant table and a comfortable, portable carrier (because your baby is extremely unlikely to happily sit in a pushchair all day). 

4. Exploring new environments. Babies learn from exploring, a new environment brings new smells, sounds, foods (for the older ones) and textures (sand, seashells etc). All stimulating your babies learning. They also get accustomed to being taken out of their comfort zone, who doesn't want a self-confident child?

5. It's good for the soul and you are most unlikely to regret it. After your baby is born, the likelihood is that will be all about your little one for the foreseeable future. Travelling will force you to take some time to yourself. The thing is happy parents = a happy baby. It might just be the best thing you did!

Yes of course you will have to be prepared, think about feeding times, how you are going to organise transport and have to pack 3 baby outfits for each day. But you won't have to clean the house, can put off washing till later and have someone cook your dinners, lunches and breakfasts. 


Next week we will be sharing 5 surprising tips for ravelling with babies. Would you think to pack a bunjee cord? 

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