Fornessi Chats With Lauren Shepherd (aka @huntersandheels)

Fornessi Chats With Lauren Shepherd (aka @huntersandheels)


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Carry Me in Mint Ice-Cream 

We couldn't have asked for a grander opening to our "5 Questions With" blog, featuring and celebrating the amazing mamas out there who give us an honest inside into their lives and what motherhood is all about (the good, the bad and the ugly!). This month featuring the most lovely Lauren Shepherd.

In the unlikely case you haven't come across her name (she has featured in  many issues of the baby magazines from Gurgle to Baby London)  Lauren is a British lifestyle and parenting blogger. A mama to two boys and a step mama to one, with great taste in interiors, fashion, make up, you name it.

What is most striking is how down to earth and lovely she is. In the hustle and bustle of every day parenting she manages to bring a sense of calmness and happiness (that is why we might be just a little addicted to her Instagram profile). And while most of us try to shake off the lack of sleep with the 10th coffee and are super proud with managing to get though the pile of washing this super mama is busy launching her youtube channel for which we are more than excited!

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5 Things We Want to Know

What are some of the things EVERY mama should have (aside from a good baby wrap...) are:

A mobile phone. For catching up on blogs during the night feeds. For googling the millions of questions and worries you have. For keeping in touch with the world because getting out of the house will feel like the biggest mission for the next few years! 

Lansinoh nipple cream. How anyone managed to get through those first 4 weeks of breast feeding without it is beyond me! 

An endless supply of chocolate biscuits. You earned them! :-)

We all struggle with dinner ideas, especially when a little one is around. What is your best quick-throw-together meal?

Pesto is my new best friend. I find it's brilliant for adding flavour in the fastest simplest way. I love to chop up peppers, onions and tomatoes and toss in pesto in a baking tray. You can roast this with chicken breasts (all in the same tray). It's super tasty and there's hardly any washing up! 


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One parenting-made-easier tip? 

Baby wipes will clean almost anything! 

What is the most embarrassing mama moment you had? 

When Ollies nappy exploded on me and my white jeans during lunch in Pizza Express. I think we put the entire restaurant off their lunch.  

Let’s talk nappy bag, what do we find in yours?

With two under two, my bag is bursting at the seams. 

Nappies in two sizes, wipes, two changes of clothes, a bib, muslins, toddler snacks (AKA bribery) and a shed load of under eye concealer which requires topping up several times a day. 

How to find this mama

Image result for instagram  @huntersandheels

Image result for youtube channel  Coming soon! Don't miss the launch!


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  • Lauren

    Thank you so much for your kind words and for asking me to be included in this. You and your wraps are just the best, you must be so proud! Xxx

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