It might seem obvious but... what EXACTLY is a muslin?

A muslin is a lightly woven fabric that can be made from any number of fibres from cotton to bamboo to polyester to name a few. The type of fibre the muslin is woven from will determine how absorbent it is, how well it will retains its colour and how soft it feels. It's certainly worth taking the time to research the quality, washability, thickness and softness of these indispensable items. 

Large muslin squares also known as swaddle blankets, are often on every parent's essentials list. Why? Because they are just so versatile.



Here are just some of the key things a muslin will be perfect for:

1. Cot sheet or sleeping pod cover. 

Easy to wash, and just the perfect size to place over our baby's mattress they are often substituted for cot sheets. This is where the softness matters, as your baby is likely to spend a long time sleeping, playing or rolling around on it. 

2. Swaddling

Lightweight and breathable they make for really good swaddles as they allow your baby's skin to breathe and help to avoid overheating. If you are thinking about using it as a swaddle always make sure that you follow safety guidelines for secure swaddling. Different materials will impact how breathable your muslin is. 

3. Nursing cover

Often being lightweight, large and breathable they are just the perfect thing to put over your baby for breastfeeding. 

4. Burp Cloths

Muslins are usually highly absorbent (the absorption rate highly depends on the fabric with bamboo falling into the highly absorbent category), which makes them absolutely perfect for wiping milky faces or mopping up drooly cheeks. 

5. Blanket /changing mat

Because of their generous, blanket-like size muslins are perfect for using as a throw whether you want a clean surface to put your baby on when using a public changing mat or to throw on the grass in the park. 

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