Mint Green Carrier

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Imagine Having A Baby Carrier That's Not Thick And Doesn't Have Both You And Your Baby "Hot & Sweaty"

  • Carriers that are very lightweight at less than 1/2 the weight of a cotton equivalent and 4x more breathable, which means you will hardly notice that you have it on. In winter you won't have to worry about your baby overheating.
  • Ergonomic, better for your baby, more comfortable for you.
Supports the natural posture of your baby while encouraging healthy hip development, which means you can be sure that your baby's developing neck, spine, pelvis, hips and legs are being supported correctly.

  • The wide comfortable straps spread the weight of your baby, making carrying more comfortable, without the need for thick padded straps that leave you with sweat patches.

Mint Green Fornessi baby carrier

  • Our fabric is made by us, to our exact specifications, which we know will make babywearing for long periods comfortable and remains supportive with all the wears.
Your baby won't bounce and the material won't sag with use but will grow with your baby.
  • Fully accredited by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, which means our carriers support healthy hip development from birth.

A baby carrier that adjusts so well and helps to prevent upper back and shoulder pain, allowing you to take your little one out for walks without discomfort for you both.

Why Choose Us?

When my daughter, Sisi, was just 4 months, we carried her for hours in every prototype, testing different fabrics at work. From organic cotton to blends, we quickly learned the importance of material for comfort and support.

We chose to use a premium fabric because we knew first-hand how it can change the babywearing experience for the better.

P.S did you know that our carriers can go in the tumble dryer? ;)


1) How long can I carry my baby in the baby wrap?

Our baby wraps are designed for babies from birth to a year (or 11kgs). 

2) Can I breastfeed in the carrier?

Yes! In order to breastfeed in the carrier first, you need to make sure that your baby is placed at a good height and not too high up on your chest.

Ideal babywearing positioning is with your baby's head on your chest and just close enough for you to lower your head to kiss theirs.

3) How do I tie the baby wrap?

Please check your order confirmation e-mail. There you will find a link to download your instructions or you can download it here. If you are more visual - you can watch our easy tutorials here!

4) Is the baby wrap safe for my newborn baby?

Most certainly! The wrap is designed so that your baby can feel safe and secure in their new environment, listen to your heartbeat, and get to know your smell.

But don't take our word for it. We test our carriers to comply with the highest safety regulations (both EU and US) and only use Oecotex certified sustainable fabric. 

5) Is the carrier suitable to use for Autumn / Winter? 

Yes. A light and breathable carrier is ideal to avoid overheating when your baby is dressed in thicker clothes or a snowsuit.

In early autumn we recommend that you layer up with a vest, snuggly cardigan, thicker leggings and protect the extremities with a woolly hat and woolly socks. 

As the days get a lot colder dress your baby in a snowsuit.  

5) How stretchy are Fornessi carriers? 

Really stretchy fabric for wrap carriers can be really lovely for the very early days, but it loses support as your baby grows. We make our fabric so that there is only a little stretch (so that your baby is snug and cocooned) but so that it remains supportive for your baby's back, legs and hips as they grow. 

You have our full support on your motherhood journey! 

Still can't choose? This blog post on choosing the right baby carrier might help you. 


" We know our carriers will be used time and time again, which is why we spent the longest time making sure they are the lightest, softest, and most secure they can be for the comfiest space to rest and to wear.

This means that you can meet your baby's needs for physical contact, affection, security, stimulation, and movement (all of which encourage neurological development) all the while enjoying the closeness and ultimate comfort. "


Customer Reviews

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Life saver

This carrier is a life saver. We don't have much space in the car for a pram so I end up carrying her everywhere. We both love the cuddles so much.


So grateful for my gorgeous wrap. I don't know how I would have coped without it!