Coral Blossom Carrier



• Ergonomic

• Supports the rounded 'C' shape of a newborn's spine

• Aids healthy hip development and is fully accredited by the International hip dysplasia institute

• Remains supportive with all the wears

• Safety tested to the highest safety standards

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Customer Reviews

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Thank you

Since your carrier arrived my little Arlo and I enjoy the comfort and closeness. We really, really love it!

Love my Coral Carrier!

The colour is beautiful and the feeling of the material is so soft! Once I got the hang of tying it (the tutorial videos are very helpful) I found it the most comfortable carrier to use even when my little one got a little larger. Having the weight spread across my whole back meant that I didn’t get the pain in my shoulders that other carries would cause after 10 minutes of use and my little one always looked so snuggly in there. It was his favourite place to sleep for a long time and I miss our ‘wrapped up’ cuddles now that he is finally too big to fit in there.