• About Baby Led Weaning

    About Baby Led Weaning
    With Sisi turning 6 months it's time to think about weaning ( oh, the mess!). When her sister was a baby we weaned her using the baby led weaning (BLW) method. The appeal was definitely in the ease (i.e. not making any baby food EVER), and being all about fresh and organic food myself ( I know a lot of you will roll your...
  • Finish off the festive season with some baking

    Finish off the festive season with some baking
    We got this beautiful set of muffin decorations on sale and it really made me want to bake something delicious (also the festive season is nearly over, so why not do one last Christmas activity with the tot). I found this cinnamon muffin recipe on Some The Wiser and can really, really recommend it. Below you will find a simplified, somewhat more toddler friendly...
  • Christmas Prep

    Christmas Prep
    After being asked again to get play dough out today I decided to give something else a go. We tried the home made air dry clay (in full Christmas spirit). Recipe below.    170 g corn flour 110 g PVA glue 2 tbs oil 1 tbs lemon juice Cook up the ingredients on low until they clump together. Cool, take it out of the...
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